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Web Design

NEW PROJECT - Studio Cirque

Studio Cirque

Holly from Studio Cirque recently came to me looking for a very simple website solution for her business in Missoula, MT. Studio Cirque specializes in instructing aerial arts such as trapeze and fabric.

More About The Project

Holly shared her personal website with me which was very elegant and used beautiful photography. I also noticed it was based entirely in Flash. I explained to her why I don't use flash. She totally understood and I told her we could create a site just as beautiful and elegant without the use of Flash. She was under a very tight deadline and needed to get a basic site live within a couple days. We started with a very simple design with elegant text and a nice side bar image. We kept things very simple using the less is more approach. She wanted to have all the basic things a good business website should have including contact information, about the business, services offered etc. Since this is a school with classes, she needed to have a schedule that she could easily update. Using a Joomla plugin, I had her create a google calendar of her classes which are automatically ported right into the site. In the end we came up with a very basic design and layout to get her live.

Phase II

Now that we have the basics done, its time to work with Holly on improving the site and adding some better content. I am very happy to be working with Holly on this project!

Check them out here 

Just Launched - Spike's Phillys and More

I just launched a website for a local restaurant in Spokane! Spike's Phillys and More is a restaurant specializing in Philly Cheesesteaks and much more. Tom and Kim came to me looking to start with a simple design that includes the most important aspects of restauraunt web design. They wanted to have their menus, location and hours. In my opinion, if a restaurant site had nothing more than that, it would be a successful site.

Spokane Website Design

They wanted to keep it simple but have the option to expand if needed sometime down the road. What became the final product was a well designed site keeping the basic needs of all restaurant sites in mind. The location and hours can be seen immediately upon entering the site and there is a simple navigation which makes the menus just 1 click away. I also added the menus in .pdf format for easy download and printing.

Spikes also wanted a way in which they could easily give updates and announcement of specials. I noticed that they currently use Facebook to reach their clientale. I decided to integrate a Facebook feed right on the homepage so that when the post specials or updated on facebook, it automatically feeds right onto their web page. I am also working with them to integrate Twitter into the mix.

There are many restaurant website designs out there which have many bells and whistles and look beautiful, but they are unorganized and hard to find the information that is essential to a good site. I outline this in my article entitled Restaurants Constantly Ignore Good Website Standards….Why?

I decided to follow that article with the Spikes site and kind of build a best practice website for restaurant website design. What we now have is a good example and a great website showing off what simplicity can accomplish: Spike's Phillys and More

New Project - Sneva Mfg


Matt Belair Designs recently met with TJ Sneva, owner of Sneva Manufacturing about an exciting new business partnership. TJ has been heading up Sneva MFG since 1994 specializing in custom built skis and snowboards.

More About The Project

Sneva Mfg was in the need of a new website with the ability to grow their business. They wanted to be able to reach further than just local word of mouth business. Sneva has been in the business of building custom skis and snowboards since 1994. Sneva wanted a new website that added some more professionalism to their business. They want the ability to sell their skis and snowboards right from their website. They also want to add some media such as photos and videos of their team. I'll also integrate social media to better engage their fans. Look for the redesign soon!

Coming Soon The New Sneva MFG Site-

Launching Winter 2011

New Project - Spikes Phillys and More

Spikes Phillys and More

Matt Belair Designs was recently contacted to design and build out a website for Spikes Phillys and More based in Spokane, WA. Spikes is a local restaurant specilizing in philly cheesesteaks. They are located in North Spokane.

More About The Project

Spikes Phillys is looking to build their first site for their fairly new estalblishment. They are looking to start simple and grow in the future. They are interested in getting their information on the web including their location and most importantly their menus. I will also tie in their facebook page and also help them with their use of Twitter. They have a list of website that they like and I will try to keep them in mind when designing the initial look and feel.

Coming Soon -

Launching Late Fall 2011