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How Much Will My Website Cost?!

This is the number one question any designer will get when consulting with a client. The answer is, there is no answer until more details are known. Every website is different and its hard to give a quote without knowing the details. When giving my clients a quote I try to judge the cost on what I charge per hour. This rate fluctuates with the client's deadline. With that said, the sooner you need it, the more you will pay. These costs range from around - per hour. Other factors include the design itself, will I need to create 1 template that all the other pages will fall into or will there be a whole different design/template for each page? You can assume that it will take me around 10-12 hours for 1 design/template and depending on the complexity of the content a half hour to an hour per page. Contrary to beliefs, a 10 page website using a 1 template design is really not much more time consuming than a 3 page design using that template, maybe a couple hours more. With that all said...

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