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NEW PROJECT - Studio Cirque

Studio Cirque

Holly from Studio Cirque recently came to me looking for a very simple website solution for her business in Missoula, MT. Studio Cirque specializes in instructing aerial arts such as trapeze and fabric.

More About The Project

Holly shared her personal website with me which was very elegant and used beautiful photography. I also noticed it was based entirely in Flash. I explained to her why I don't use flash. She totally understood and I told her we could create a site just as beautiful and elegant without the use of Flash. She was under a very tight deadline and needed to get a basic site live within a couple days. We started with a very simple design with elegant text and a nice side bar image. We kept things very simple using the less is more approach. She wanted to have all the basic things a good business website should have including contact information, about the business, services offered etc. Since this is a school with classes, she needed to have a schedule that she could easily update. Using a Joomla plugin, I had her create a google calendar of her classes which are automatically ported right into the site. In the end we came up with a very basic design and layout to get her live.

Phase II

Now that we have the basics done, its time to work with Holly on improving the site and adding some better content. I am very happy to be working with Holly on this project!

Check them out here www.studiocirque.comĀ 

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